Molly + Chet
Every Transplant Has Two Stories



Our donor is “Molly”, an exuberant young golden lab – the heart and joy of her owner, Brad’s life. Somehow the side gate was open and Molly had gotten out. Brad came home and couldn’t find Molly, he saw the side gate open, looked down the street and saw a police car, and a crowd of people…. It was Molly – she had been hit by a car. When he arrived, it was too late to save Molly, but in his urgent thoughts at this sudden tragedy, Brad wondered about the possibility of tissue donation; ‘it’s done for humans; can animals donate to help other animals’? He quickly contacted his local veterinary office and luckily found a nearby VTS Donor Partner Hospital – he wanted to make something good come out of such a heart-wrenching tragedy. When our team went to pick up Molly’s remains at the pet hospital, Brad had included her ball, her leash, her blanket … the things Molly loved. Now, Molly has changed the lives of many dogs for the better.



Chet, the Springer Spaniel, is a hunting dog and a busy, beloved active family member with a perpetual- motion tail. He was at the lake with his family, swimming… he swam behind the family’s boat and before they could catch him, the propeller shattered Chet’s femur. There were so many small shards of bone but, Chet’s vet was able to save his leg with the help of a bone segment from a donor. Chet still hunts and swims thanks to donors like Molly. Pets Helping Pets….

...he wanted to make something good come out of such a heart-wrenching tragedy.