Tissue Donor Program
Your Pet Can Leave a Legacy of Healing for Other Pets

We work with various clinics and rescue groups
throughout Washington state and Northern Oregon.

If you live in Washington or Northern Oregon, and are interested in the possibility of tissue donation, please contact your veterinarian to help determine if your pet could be a good fit for the Pets Helping Pets program. Dogs, and even horses, can donate tissues to help other animals.

When faced with the loss of your pet, consider the renewed health
other animals may gain through tissue donation.

Advances in medical technology have allowed transplanted tissues to restore many animals to good health. Your choice to donate helps make this possible.

Great strides have been made in tissue transplant for animals. Grafts help treat a variety of disorders and injuries. Fractured or diseased bones can be mended and limbs spared from amputation. Deformed or degenerative joints can be repaired and blindness for some pets can be prevented. Loose teeth can be saved rather than pulled.

Donors are young to middle-age pets who have passed away but were vaccinated and in generally good health. Your veterinarian can help evaluate your pet’s health history and discuss donor criteria in more detail with you. If they are not yet familiar with our tissue donor program, they can call us and we will guide them through the process.

To authorize tissue donation you will need to sign a consent form. Please know that when your pet is placed in the care of Veterinary Transplant Services they are treated at all times with care and respect. Tissues are recovered only after the time of death so there is no discomfort or pain. If you wish to have a private cremation for your pet, VTS can arrange for this service and ensure the ashes are returned to you.

Listen to a radio interview with Dr. Helen Newman.
In this episode we focus on our Tissue Donor Program.

What you should know about tissue donation.

VTS is the link between the generous gift of tissue donation and patients who need bone and soft tissue transplants in orthopedics, ophthalmology and dentistry. Tissue donation has helped thousands of pets bounce back from challenging injuries by stimulating and supporting their natural healing processes.

The gift of donation does not affect pawprint memorials or private cremation

Your pet’s ashes can be returned to you following donation

The process begins only after they have passed away

“It doesn’t change the amount of grief, but there is just a small bit of happiness.
You feel that out of this terrible tragedy… at least some good came.”


Contact your Veterinarian

Contact your veterinarian to see if donation is the right option for you. They can help determine if your pet is eligible for the donor program & gently guide you through the process.

Know Your Donation Makes a Difference

Take comfort in knowing that your pet is taking part in the healing of other pets around the world. Read stories of other pets who have changed lives.